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ALTERRA™ High Friction Surfacing Treatment

ALTERRA™ HFS is a polymer system designed to provide a durable driving surface with sustained friction resistance. While ALTERRA™ HFS may be applied on concrete, asphalt, steel, FRP composite and timber surfaces, it is most suitable for pavement, bridge deck and bike path projects with high friction demands.

ALTERRA™ HFS Benefits:

  • Provides skid resistance when used with specified aggregates
  • Adhesion to concrete, steel, asphalt and FRP composites
  • Long-lasting
  • Withstands minor movements
  • Quick process for high-traffic areas





Test Method

Percent Solids



Viscosity (mixed)

<2500 cps

ASTM D 2393

Gel Time

15-25 minutes

100 grams

Adhesion @ 24 Hrs.

250 psi

ASTM D 4541/ ACI 503R

Tensile Strength, 7 Days

2200-5000 psi

ASTM D 638

Tensile Elongation, 7 Days


ASTM D 638

Water Absorption @ 24 Hrs

.5% Max.

ASTM D 570

Thermal Compatibility

No Delamination

ASTM C 884

Compressive Strength

> 1000 psi

3 Hrs ASTM C 109

Compressive Strength

> 5000 psi

ASTM C 109

* Samples cured at 77°F. Results can vary depending on mixing method, equipment, curing conditions, test equipment, sample handling, sample conditioning, consistency and technicians.

For more information about our packaging and application, download the ALTERRA™ HFS Data Sheet, or contact P3 to get started today.